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The Wedding of your Dreams

In Beautiful Victoria British Columbia

Do you want your wedding to be…

Unique, Original & an Expression of Who You Really Are?

  • Many people want a spiritually based, yet psychologically sound wedding service. They want the ritual, but not the religion, rules and regulations.
  • They want the wedding to take place in a sacred place of their own choosing, whether it be a church, home, garden or other unique location.
  • They want a minster who will be personally involved at a feeling level in the planning and conducting of the wedding ceremony of their dreams.

If this describes what you would like for your wedding ceremony, then contact Rev. Dr. Gail Muzio (Please include your phone number & location). Gail will perform an intimate, warm trans-denominational wedding service, a Spiritual Celebration that is all of this… and much more!

Contact Gail Today!

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