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Thank You for visiting my website and blog. I was the founder & director of the Victoria Centre for Self Awareness for 25 years. I retired in 2010 & have been a guest speaker & workshop leader since then.

The topic you are about to hear was recorded in front of a live audience. If there is mention of a centre it is the Centre for Self Awareness that I am referring to.

The topic also begins with a short 2-minute meditation, which, if you choose, you can fast forward past.

About the Rev. Dr. Gail Muzio

Rev. Dr. Gail Muzio founded the Victoria Centre for Self Awareness in 1985 so that people could be uplifted and empowered in their everyday lives. She is considered one of the foremost cutting-edge leaders in New Thought and is particularly dedicated to expanding New Thought in Canada.

She has participated in International New Thought annual Expos, and is the Past President of the New Thought Alliance of Canada and is an ambassador at large.
Gail has studied both in Canada and the United States; her degree is in Metaphysical Philosophy.

In 1977, Gail experienced a rapid healing after a near-death experience as a result of a very serious automobile collision. It made a tremendous impact on her and those around her.

Gail is now married to Dr. Jon Muzio. Her late husband, Norman Schultz, made his transition in 2004.

Gail retired as the Centre’s minister in June 2010 and now makes herslef available to officiate marriages, memorial services & baptisms.

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